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Samsung has started rolling out a much-needed maintenance update for the Galaxy A3 (2016) and Galaxy A5 (2016) in Europe, which fixes an issue that prevented the former from charging beyond 87 percent and transports a patch for a frustrating “IMS Service Stopped” bug that was affecting both handsets in the Netherlands.

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We don’t know what caused the glitch

It’s unclear why exactly the Galaxy A3 (2016) was unable to charge to its maximum capacity, though many online publications believe the glitch was caused by a faulty line of code in a recent update the device received that was designed to patch the nasty BlueBorne security vulnerability (more on that here).

If you’d like to check to see if the update is ready for your Galaxy A3 (2016) or Galaxy A5 (2016)A310FXXU3CQI8 and A510FXXU4CQI9, respectively—all you need to do is open up Settings, select Software Update, then tap Download Updates Manually. You can, however, wait until you receive an alert instructing you to install the upgrade.


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6 days 16 hours ago

And what about A3 2015?
Samsung did you forget A3 2015?

8 days 23 hours ago
Mohammad miri

Why in Iran available not?

12 days 21 hours ago
Mohammad miri

Why can not you be received in Iran so who is coming?

15 days 9 hours ago

Galaxy A5 2017 has the same problem, and stopped on 92%. This seems to be the problem in other models as well as A3 and A7. Check it please.

16 days 14 hours ago

my gooooood whyyyyy whyyyyy why all A2016 series recieved update except A7 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭all the time in last 6month i waiting for update why samsung put us in pressure😭😭😭😭
we wait for android7.1.1

16 days 16 hours ago

Will Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 receive New UX (Samsung Experience) ?

16 days 21 hours ago

Both 2016 A3 A5 received update
My A7 2016 already 4 month no update
Not sure samsung …