Samsung announces a cost-effective solution for detecting and monitoring diabetes

Alongside the Samsung Z4, Samsung took the wraps off a new accessory called Tizen Check, a cost-effective solution for detecting and monitoring diabetes. Just like traditional methods, users need to deposit a spot of blood onto a strip that mounted on the back of their smartphone, then the companion application will use the handset’s camera and flash to analyse the blood sugar level and provide an instant result.

“Diabetes is a very important initiative for us at Samsung, it’s a lifestyle-driven condition. When you think of the things we can do to improve the technology people use every day, it’s an area that we think can influence directly. We’ve be working with people who spend a lot of time thinking about diabetes; everyone from practitioners to companies, software providers, and hardware manufacturers,” said Dr. David Rhew, Head of Health and Fitness at Samsung.

Here’s Tizen Check in action:

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