Galaxy Note 5 now comes with on-screen label showing the right way to insert the S Pen

Samsung used the push-to-eject mechanism for the S Pen for the time, but it was revealed that is possible to insert the S Pen backwards due to a design flaw in the Galaxy Note 5. If the S Pen is inserted backwards far enough, it most likely breaks the pen detection feature in the Galaxy Note 5. To avoid this scenario, Samsung has finally started warning buyers using a label on the device.

A video on YouTube shows that the Galaxy Note 5 now comes with a warning label on the new devices that explains the right way of using the S Pen. The warning states that inserting the S Pen backwards “can damage the pen and your phone.” If you have inserted the S Pen the wrong way, there’s an easy way to fix it using a sheet of paper.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Backwards Warning


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