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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag


The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a location tracker designed specifically for Galaxy smartphones and the SmartThings Find network. It was introduced at Unpacked 2021 along with the Galaxy S21 series and it was included as a pre-order incentive for the new flagship in many regions.

Samsung is selling the Galaxy SmartTag separately though, and the company confirmed at Unpacked 2021 that a SmartTag Pro variant with UWB connectivity will be released later in 2021.


The Galaxy SmartTag has a simple design and fairly small dimensions, which is an essential characteristic to a location tracker. It’s a rectangle with rounded corners and its footprint is similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro charging case.

The device has a keyring hole and a programmable button. At launch the Galaxy SmartTag was revealed in a single color option — black — but Samsung’s promotional material suggests that a white variant could also be in the works.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the Galaxy SmartTag Pro at Unpacked 2021 but this variant will probably look the same and have similar dimensions.

Specifications and features

Functionality-wise, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is a simple but effective device that can be tracked through the SmartThings mobile app. Users can attach the tracker to valuable objects and use SmartThings Find to locate them whenever they’re misplaced.

The Galaxy SmartTag also works the other way around, though in a more limited manner, meaning it can be used to locate a misplaced Galaxy smartphone. This is thanks to a button that can be pressed to trigger the connected smartphone’s ringtone.

Finally, the same button can be programmed and used to control IoT and home automation devices. It essentially turns the Galaxy SmartTag into a small IoT remote.

The base Galaxy SmartTag connects via Bluetooth whereas the upcoming Galaxy SmartTag Pro will take advantage of UWB connectivity. Both versions can be tracked remotely — even at great distances and when offline — thanks to the Galaxy Find Network that uses scanned data to locate the Galaxy SmartTag privately.

Price and availability

The Bluetooth-enabled Galaxy SmartTag was released on pre-order terms for $29.99 ahead of a January 27 shipping date. Pricing and availability details pertaining to the Galaxy SmartTag Pro are presently unknown.

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