Hey Samsung, follow SamMobile to put your customers first!

2021 will be an important year for Samsung as the tech giant wants to adapt to market changes, continue pushing its limits in the semiconductor space, and ultimately become a company that puts customers first. This was outright confirmed by Vice Chairman and CEO Kim Ki-nan earlier today during the company’s New Year’s online ceremony.

SamMobile is fully supporting Samsung’s new philosophy of putting customers first and we truly hope that the company succeeds in its quest. We don’t know exactly how Samsung will try to achieve this, logistics-wise, but we’re of the opinion that the company’s chances of succeeding will be exponentially higher if its employees would follow SamMobile’s social media pages for input from fans of the brand. Our LinkedIn page, for example, can tell you more about us and our vision, while our Twitter / Instagram / Facebook pages offer quick access to our news feed and unique content including positive opinions and well-intended criticism.

Now, back to reality before a few of our readers grab their pitchforks and get riled up the comment section. Obviously, we’re overstating SamMobile’s importance in Samsung’s own evolution, but jokes aside, we really do believe that Samsung needs a more direct and open line of communication with its fanbase if it wants to succeed in its quest to become a much more customer-friendly enterprise. And we’re not referring to the official community forums where customers usually bring bugs to Samsung’s attention, but a more direct line with those dedicated Samsung fans who could really help steer the company in the right direction. We’re fairly certain that many SamMobile readers could happily provide exactly that.

Would you have any advice for Samsung Electronics moving forward? Do you feel like you, as a customer, are Samsung’s main priority? And if the answer is negative then what would it take for you to change your stance? Do you think Samsung employees should spend more time interacting with the customer base and learning from their day-to-day experiences using Samsung products, or should Samsung follow its heart and vision regardless of how customers respond? Join us in the comment section.

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