This year Samsung wants to become a company that puts customers first

Many key Samsung executives have reportedly attended the company’s New Year’s online opening ceremony earlier today where Vice Chairman and CEO Kim Ki-nan has underlined Samsung’s philosophy moving forward. 2020 was an erratic year that marked drastic changes in the social and economic fabric, and according to the Vice Chairman, 2021 should be the first year to respond to changes and prepare for the future.

So what does this mean, exactly? Well, according to Mr. Kim Ki-nan, Samsung should transform into a creative company where challenge and innovation lives and breathes. The focus moving forward should be on becoming a company that puts customers at the very center and enhances customer experience and customer value.

Succeeding in 2021 might be the key to Samsung’s long-term plans

These statements concern Samsung Electronics as a whole and not just the mobile segment. For Samsung to adapt to the so-called New Normal and come out on top, the company has to make a few fundamental changes in 2021 and continue building upon its relationships with partners, local communities, and even the next generation, all the while actively responding to social demands.

Samsung claiming that 2021 will be the first year to respond to changes doesn’t mean that the company sat idly until now. Samsung was quick to respond to the market changes last year and the company was deeply involved with fighting back against the spread of COVID-19. The company has helped mask manufacturers increase their production capacity by lending its smart factory expertise, and it has donated dozens of millions of dollars to organizations fighting against the pandemic.

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