Samsung takes a look back at its 2020 performance in different sectors

This week, Samsung Electronics shared an estimate of its performance across different sectors throughout 2020 and revealed some interesting figures pertaining to the DRAM, TV, display, and automotive component market segments via local news outlet The Hankyoreh.

As expected, Samsung Electronics had the biggest TV market share in 2020 and it remains the industry’s top player for the 15th year in a row. Last year, the company had a global TV market share of 32.3%, up from 30.9% a year ago.

As for Samsung Display, the company held an estimated global smartphone share of 43.8% in terms of value, up 0.2% year-on-year.

Samsung has also enjoyed success in the automotive component industry thanks to its subsidiary Harman — the creator of the Digital Cockpit. The company estimates it recorded 27.5% in volume terms, representing a 2.7% increase compared to 2019.

Samsung Electronics’ DRAM business saw a slight decline in 2020

Samsung Electronics held a healthy 43.1% share of the DRAM market in terms of value last year. Nevertheless, the figure is down slightly from 2019 when the company recorded a 43.7% market share.

Similarly, the company’s market share for DRAM solutions for smartphones was down more than 1%. The company estimated it held 16.2% of the smartphone DRAM market in 2020 in terms of volume, down from 17.5% percent in 2019.

2021 could shape up differently, as Samsung is planning to make major investments in memory chip production throughout the first half of the year. The company also unveiled the world’s first HBM (high bandwidth memory) with integrated AI processing earlier this week, and this new technology is bound to push the company even more in the spotlight.

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