Samsung has started using AI to design and improve OLED manufacturing

Samsung Display is working on developing a new OLED display manufacturing method using AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technologies in an attempt to improve production yields and decrease manufacturing times, revealed the company at SID Display Week 2021.

The importance of AI technology in the display industry will increase in the future, said CEO of CAE, which is a Canadian-based manufacturer of simulation and modeling technologies. Samsung Display is already working on implementing new AI manufacturing technologies, and the company’s CEO confirmed that Samsung Display has in fact recently introduced AI (artificial intelligence) technology in key areas of panel development’ for the purpose of increasing manufacturing efficiency.

AI can design the molecular structure of 100 organic materials in only 30 seconds

Samsung Display has revealed that OLED is the most representative area where AI technology has been introduced. For example, engineers used to design backplane materials by changing molecular structures to find the desired structural characteristics, but with the help of AI, engineers can now preset the desired characteristic values ahead of time. The AI then simulates various cases until it finds the correct answer.

This method can drastically improve OLED manufacturing times, as it takes only 30 seconds for the AI to design the molecular structure of 100 organic materials.

More so, production yields are also said to be improved by AI, especially in regards to high-resolution OLED panels. As a display’s resolution increases to 4K and 8K, the rate of malfunction for these panels increases exponentially. However, with the help of AI, Samsung engineers can design and verify 640,000 driving circuits every day, using only a server computer equipped with a 64-core CPU.

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