Samsung Semiconductor is poised to dethrone Intel in a matter of weeks

After years of lagging behind Intel in terms of semiconductor sales, Samsung might finally be able to retake the top spot in Q2 2021, reveals a new analysis by IC Insight. According to the research firm, Intel’s semiconductor sales were down in the first quarter of the year and will continue to decline in Q2. Opposite to Intel, Samsung has been steadily increasing semiconductor sales for the past couple of years, and the company is on its way to overtaking its biggest rival.

Samsung recorded $17.1 billion in semiconductor sales in Q1 2021, whereas Intel secured $18.7 billion during the same three-month period. However, IC Insight estimates that Intel’s sales will drop to $17.9 billion in Q2 2021, while Samsung will increase semiconductor sales to $18.5 billion.

Retaking the top spot after two and a half years

For a short history lesson, Samsung overtook Intel in terms of semiconductor sales all the way back in Q2 2017, ending Intel’s 24-year reign over the segment. The Korean tech giant was able to hold the top spot for six quarters before the memory market collapsed in late 2018. Samsung’s was dominating Intel at that time, but the company’s semiconductor sales have crashed from $22.1 billion to $12.9 billion in a matter of months, allowing Intel to lead with $15.8 billion in sales.

Since then, Samsung’s semiconductor sales have been steadily rising at a higher rate compared to Intel’s. Save for a quick dip in Q4 2019, the company managed to increase semiconductor sales at a consistent pace every quarter.

IC Insight believes that this trend will continue throughout Q2 2021 when Samsung will finally be able to overtake Intel once again and lead the segment.

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