Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are a gamer’s best choice thanks to AMD

Samsung’s new range of Neo QLED TVs have been optimized with the needs of gamers in mind, and right now they could very well be the best TVs on the market for console gamers. This is because the entire Neo QLED TV range adopts AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro technology for the first time in the industry, revealed — and reconfirmed — the company over the weekend.

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is the latest adaptive synchronization technology from AMD, and although FreeSync has so far been employed mostly by PC monitors, the latest iteration is now making its way onto Samsung’s Neo QLED TV range.

What does FreeSync Premium Pro do?

FreeSync Premium Pro is designed to reduce screen tearing that’s caused by a mismatch between the content’s framerate and the display’s actual refresh rate. This effect can be mild or severe depending on scenery and other factors, and although screen tearing doesn’t make a game unplayable, it’s something that gamers have fought against for years using technologies such as vSync, G-Sync, and FreeSync / FreeSync 2.

And like FreeSync 2, AMD’s new FreeSync Premium Pro was designed to be compatible with HDR. The difference lies in the fact that FreeSync Premium Pro was optimized to reduce screen tearing for 120Hz displays as opposed to 60Hz.

Samsung’s new Neo QLED TVs were launched on pre-order terms in South Korea earlier this month for a starting price of $1,600. The range consists of 55-to-85-inch models, all of which take advantage of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and other technologies such as 4K AI upsampling and Q-Symphony.

Samsung estimates that over 80% of users who play console games on their TVs use devices such as the Sony PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox, so it’s rather obvious that the company wants its Neo QLED TV range to be the first choice among PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners.

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