Samsung starts adding support for RCS in its stock messaging app

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a huge step forward in terms of text and multimedia-based communication on smartphones. Samsung promised implementation of RCS four years ago, but it is only now that the company is bringing direct support for RCS in its stock messaging app on Galaxy devices.

Some users have spotted receiving prompts inside the Samsung Messages app on their Galaxy smartphones to enable RCS messaging. The prompt notifies a user that RCS messaging in the Samsung Messages app is based on Google’s implementation of the feature to enable richer, faster, and higher quality messaging. The feature works over both cellular data and Wi-Fi, which means it can work even when you don’t have cellular signal reception.

Once RCS is enabled, users can send text messages, high-resolution images and videos, reactions to messages, and even see typing indicators. Samsung’s Messages app had earlier only supported RCS when a carrier enabled it. However, the company is no longer depending on carrier rollout of RCS, which means you can enjoy RCS even if your carrier doesn’t. Google and Samsung have been collaborating on RCS since 2018.

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