Samsung’s first 5G Galaxy F phone is official in a market where no one will buy it

The Galaxy F series of phones made their debut in India as rebranded versions of Samsung’s Galaxy M smartphones, but Samsung is finally ready to give them an identity of their own, at least in China. The Galaxy F52 5G has been leaking here and there for the last month or so, and Samsung China has now revealed the pre-order period, release date, and pricing for the device.

According to Samsung’s teaser poster, the Galaxy F52 5G will be available for pre-order from May 20 to May 31, and delivery of pre-orders will start from June 1. That’s also the date the phone will go on sale on retail shelves. Some pre-order gifts are on offer, although the teaser image is too low-resolution to make out what they are. The Galaxy F52 5G is priced at 1999 yuan (roughly $310), so we can only imagine the pre-order bonuses will not be very impressive.

A rebranded Galaxy A52 5G for a market that doesn’t care

It’s quite unusual that Samsung chose to release the Galaxy F52 5G in China where the company’s market share is negligible. While Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, China is definitely not one of the company’s stronger markets. It lags behind the competition, and every one of the company’s efforts to increase market share in China over the past few years fell flat.

Samsung is now preparing the Galaxy F52 5G for release in China of all places, which could mean that the company may have rekindled its ambitions for this region. The Galaxy F52 5G looks quite different than the Galaxy A52 5G, with its glossy back panel and prominent camera housing, so it will be interesting to see if the device features any other changes.

galaxy f52 5g china teaser

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