Quick Share finally comes to laptops with Samsung’s latest range


Last updated: April 28th, 2021 at 16:19 UTC+02:00

Quick Share is a short-distance file sharing service that Samsung originally introduced with its Galaxy smartphones. The feature is quite similar to Wi-Fi Direct.

It can be used to share images, documents, videos, links, etc now between compatible Samsung laptops as well as between these laptops and Galaxy devices.

Samsung brings Quick Share to laptops

Quick Share greatly simplifies the way files can be shared between compatible devices. It eliminates the need to connect the devices via the internet or through physical cables.

Usually, when we’re out and about, it can be a pain to transfer files from phone to PC. Most users would just email the file to themselves or use a cloud sharing service. The entire process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Quick Share takes the pain out of that. It allows you to transfer files between your Galaxy phone and Galaxy Book Pro series laptop even without an internet connection or cable. There’s no restriction on the type of file that can be sent using Quick Share.

Through Wi-Fi Direct, the devices are connected locally. That’s why it’s possible to send even big files across without being connected to the internet. It’s up to the recipient to choose if they want to receive the file from the sender. Once they allow the transfer the file will be sent over.

It’s possible to configure who can see you in their list of nearby devices and send you files. Keep it on “Everyone” if you don’t mind receiving file transfer requests from strangers. Contacts only will limit your visibility to previously saved contacts, based on your Samsung Account information.

Do keep in mind that Quick Share is exclusive to Samsung devices. So you’ll need to use a Galaxy smartphone to get its full benefit on these laptops.

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