Latest One UI Home update lets you customize folder grids

You might be familiar with One UI Home. This is what Samsung calls the launcher for One UI, its custom Android skin. The launcher is an essential part of the user interface as it allows you to launch apps and also to customize different aspects of the UI.

Since it’s unbundled from the OS as an app, it’s easier for Samsung to send new updates for One UI Home without having to release a separate firmware upgrade. One such update is now being sent out for the app that lets you customize folder grids.

One UI Home adds folder grids option

The latest version of Samsung One UI Home that is out now adds a folder grid option menu in the launcher’s settings. It also improves performance when using swipe gestures. The regular slew of bug fixes and stability improvements is included as well.

This new Folder grid option can be accessed from the home screen settings menu (you can access it by pinching the home screen and tapping Settings). Tapping on it reveals the two available options: 3X4 and 4X4. This refers to the number of apps that will form the grid. If you prefer larger icons, opt for 3X4. If smaller icons are more to your liking or you have folders with a lot of apps, go with the 4X4 grid instead.

It’s a minor yet useful addition that provides you with yet another option to customize One UI as you see fit. The latest One UI Home update is rolling out now. You should receive it in the near future from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store if you haven’t already.

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