Your Galaxy Watch 4 is going to have a Chinese battery

Samsung is due to launch new smartwatches this year. The Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to be one of them. Several reports have revealed bits and pieces of information about the new wearable devices.

The latest report provides information about the batteries that Samsung will use. It’s claimed that Samsung will be sourcing batteries for the Galaxy Watch 4 from China.

ATL’s batteries made the Galaxy Note 7 go boom

The report claims that Samsung will source batteries for the Galaxy Watch 4 from China’s Amperex Technology Limited. Both ATL and Samsung SDI will be supplying batteries for the new wearable devices. Samsung had stopped sourcing batteries from ATL previously due to the Galaxy Note 7’s battery fire issues.

ATL has only recently been brought back into Samsung’s supply chain. Its batteries are used in the Galaxy S21 series. ATL is now reportedly mass producing small polymer 240mAh batteries for the Galaxy Watch 4’s 41mm model. The 45mm model will feature Samsung SDI’s 350mAh battery.

Samsung’s decision to use batteries from ATL might be a move to reduce costs. The company has recently been relying more on Chinese components in order to improve margins on its devices. It’s even sourcing OLED panels from China now.

The Galaxy Watch 4 might be quite different compared to its predecessors. That’s because Samsung has reportedly decided to ditch Tizen in favor of Wear OS. If those rumors turn out to be true, this will be Samsung’s first Android-powered smartwatch in quite a long time.

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