Do you need a Samsung account when using Galaxy devices?

Setting up a new Samsung account or logging in with an existing one is generally considered a part of the set-up process for a new Galaxy device, but is a Samsung account mandatory?

The answer is ‘no,’ it is not. Galaxy devices can be used without having to sign in with, or even create a Samsung account, but the majority of Samsung customers choose to create a Samsung account when setting up their first Galaxy device because, for one, these steps are included in the initial setup process in an intuitive manner, and secondly, a Samsung account is required for using certain services and advanced features.

Galaxy device users can choose not to log in with Samsung account, or they can skip creating one altogether. But doing so will limit the user experience in a few ways. Without a Samsung account, customers won’t have access to the following services:

Users without a Samsung account will only be able to download and update apps via the Google Play Store, assuming they’re fine with signing in with a Google account instead.

There are other limitations that may not be obvious at first

Even if a Galaxy device user may be content with not using any of the aforementioned services, they’ll still face certain limitations and they won’t enjoy the complete user experience offered by the Samsung ecosystem.

Without a Samsung account, users aren’t able to take advantage of the new integration with Microsoft OneDrive, which means they won’t be able to save their Gallery and My Files contents to the cloud.

Likewise, using a Galaxy device without a Samsung account means that services such as Find My Mobile, Samsung Pass, and Call & Text on other devices won’t work.

Find My Mobile can be used to locate your phone and protect your data in case the device goes missing. Call & Text on other devices is a service that lets customers make calls and send texts from their smartwatches using their phone’s data plans. And Samsung Pass stores the user’s fingerprints, which can later be used to easily and securely access supported apps and websites.

Ultimately, any smart feature that’s supposed to learn from the user and adapt accordingly won’t work without a Samsung account. For example, Bixby Routines will work even without a Samsung account but the AI-based platform will only be good for creating manual routines. The app won’t be able to learn from the user and adapt.

In conclusion, you don’t need a Samsung account to use a Galaxy device, but choosing to sign in with one opens up a whole ecosystem of Samsung services and smart devices.

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