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    Best Galaxy Watch 7 features: Exynos W1000, Galaxy AI, and more


    Last updated: July 11th, 2024 at 16:53 UTC+02:00

    Samsung's new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 7, was unveiled at the recent Galaxy Unpacked event. It offers several improvements over the Galaxy Watch 6, including fitness and health tracking accuracy, performance, and more memory.

    Here are the best Galaxy Watch 7 features you need to know.

    Best Galaxy Watch 7 features worth knowing

    The Galaxy Watch 7 has a brand-new powerful processor, a newer BioActive Sensor for more accurate health and fitness tracking, and Galaxy AI-powered health suggestions and tips.

    Faster Processor

    The Exynos W1000, which is used in the Galaxy Watch 7, is Samsung's first 3nm processor. It is designed for smartwatches and features much faster performance. The chip has one Cortex-A78 CPU core and four power-efficient Cortex-A55 CPU cores.

    Samsung claims it offers 2.7x faster app launch times and over 3x faster general performance. The Galaxy Watch 7 also has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. The storage space has doubled compared to the Galaxy Watch 6, so you can store more apps, more watch faces, and more offline music.

    Overall, the Galaxy Watch 7 should offer a much faster and smoother experience in everything you do.

    More accurate fitness and health tracking

    The Galaxy Watch 7 also uses Samsung's newer-generation BioActive Sensor, which can track your blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, sleep, and stress. Thanks to a more accurate and higher number of LEDs, the smartwatch offers 30% higher accuracy even during high-intensity workouts.

    Samsung has also introduced dual-frequency GPS for more accurate location tracking. We reported last year that Galaxy Watch 4 was not up to mark in location tracking during cycling and running, especially in urban areas. The Galaxy Watch 7's new GPS system negates that shortcoming.

    The new Energy Score system gives you a better idea if it is okay to work out that day. This Energy Score changes daily and is awarded based on your activity and last night's sleep (duration, heart rate, heart rate variability, and quality).

    The Galaxy Watch 7 can also measure your body composition and AGEs. Body composition analysis offers an overview of your body fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass, and other body composition metrics, providing more detailed information about where you need to focus your workouts.

    The AGEs index is a way of knowing your biological aging process and indicates your metabolic health. AGEs are strongly influenced by your dietary habits and lifestyle. Keeping track of your AGEs helps you better plan your lifestyle.

    Samsung says the Galaxy Watch 7 also offers more accurate and detailed sleep tracking compared to previous Galaxy Watches.

    In some countries, the Galaxy Watch 7 also offers the Sleep Apnea feature, which helps detect sleep apnea, a potential health hazard that causes restless sleep.

    Galaxy AI for personalized health tips and better usability

    The Galaxy Watch 7 runs Wear OS 5-based One UI 6 Watch. It features Galaxy AI, which uses your health data to offer more detailed and personalized health tips based on your lifestyle, eating habits, and workouts.

    Since a smartwatch has a much smaller screen than your average smartphone, typing can be quite hard. Even voice dictation isn't always reliable, especially outdoors or in noisy environments. So, the Galaxy Watch 7 uses Galaxy AI to make sense of your current chat thread and suggests contextual replies.

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