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Best 5 cases for your Galaxy S10


Last updated: May 1st, 2019 at 17:44 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s contribution to the smartphone industry is unrivaled; their smartphones impress both in performance and aesthetics. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is an exceptionally beautiful smartphone, there is no denying that. Consequently, finding the correct case to protect it is quite hard, as not all cases may successfully bring out the beauty of the device. The purpose of a case is to provide protection for your phone and also make it look cool. Finding the perfect combination of those factors in a case is what we all desire, and that’s why we’re going to help you choose the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung LED cover

Samsung LED View Cover Case

Samsung’s innovation has reached even the phone case industry. What company can understand the aesthetic of the Galaxy S10 better than the company that made it? Samsung has designed this cover to enhance the beauty of the phone and also offer utility in the process. The LED on the cover for notifications and messages is something you don’t normally see in a case, and Samsung has also ensured that the durability of the case isn’t compromised. The price is also very reasonable, making it worth checking out!

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TECH21 X LIBERTY – Pure Print Felix Raisen

You probably haven’t heard the name of this brand before, but believe us, this case truly sets a new standard for other cases. This case falls on the expensive side, and rightfully so. The case’s material and design both complement the Samsung Galaxy S10 beautifully. The design is truly worth staring at: combining ancient art with modern technology is what Tech21 has done so well with this case. The case is also extremely durable and ensures complete protection for your phone.

Get it at Tech21.

Urban Gear Monarch Series

Urban Armor Monarch

A list of cases without an Urban Gear case will always be incomplete! Urban Gear is well-known for making rugged cases that make your phone immune to even the apocalypse. The case that Urban Gear has designed for the Samsung Galaxy S10 retains the signature looks of the company’s cases and adds a few tweaks that make the case a perfect companion for the device. Not everyone may prefer this case due to its bulkiness, especially since it steals the thunder from the phone’s design, but in terms of durability, this case smothers all its competitors.

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TTVIE Ultra Slim

TTVie case

As the name suggests, this case is extremely slim. The sleeks design is perfect for your Galaxy S10 and gives the phone a stunning futuristic look. The brush finish adds further to the sleek design. Another thing about this case that gets everyone’s attention is its price. Compared to other cases in the market, this case is very affordable. For its price, the TTVIE Ultra Slim case is a great buy. However, it falls a bit short in the durability department. It does well to counter everyday wear and tear but may not survive all drops and shocks.

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Mous Limitless 2.0 Case

Mous limitless

Design-wise, this Mous case is unique and beautiful. The wooden finish on the back of the case will add a touch of elegance to your Samsung Galaxy S10. Most smartphone cases come in either dark and dull colors or very bright ones, and this case has the advantage of falling somewhere in the middle. The wooden color shines just the right amount to grab everyone’s attention. Small springs inside the case enhances the durability factor of the case, thereby increasing the safety of your phone!

Get it at Mous.


We’ve discussed the five best cases available for your Samsung Galaxy S10, all of which stand out in their own way. Now, the best cover for you will, in the end, depend on how you use your phone and your personal taste. For the optimum experience, we suggest you buy a few of these cases rather than one because that way you’ll be able to enjoy all the positive things that these cases offer.

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