Samsung launches an LTE-enabled SmartThings Tracker

Samsung has announced the launch of an LTE-enabled SmartThings Tracker. It’s a small GPS tracking device that relies on LTE-M (a specialized network for IoT devices) to share location information. The tracker can be easily attached to anything and anyone such as pets, children, laptop bags, luggage, keys, etc. to track them.

The concept is not entirely new as others have launched similar products before, but, unlike many of those limited-range Bluetooth-enabled solutions, Samsung is relying on LTE connectivity for exponentially wider coverage and use cases. While banking on LTE brings a recurring cost, it also offers many advantages that many customers might find appealing.

SmartThings Tracker supports minute-by-minute live tracking

Once the tracker is attached to an item, it can be tracked easily in real time via the SmartThings app. Kids and other family members carrying the tracker can instantly share their location by pressing the SmartThings Tracker’s power button twice. It even supports minute-by-minute live tracking for up to 10 minutes.

The SmartThings Tracker can also be used as an ‘arrival sensor’ or a proximity sensor to trigger smart home automation actions such as turning on/off the lights, thermostat, etc. when the tracker is in range. Users can set geofencing rules as well to get alerted whenever an item enters or leaves the defined area.

The device boasts IP68 rating and can last up to a week on a single charge. It costs $99 and comes with one year of free service from AT&T. After the first year, it will cost $5 per month or $50 per year. It is available for purchase on the Samsung website and select AT&T stores from September 14 onwards. Currently, it is available only on AT&T, but Samsung says Verizon support is coming later this year.

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Wonder how many jealous love ones are going to strap this to the bottom of their other halfs car, haha.