Samsung will reportedly launch a Galaxy S10 variant with 5G capabilities

Many carriers around the world are gearing up to launch 5G networks in the near future. The next-generation mobile networks are expected to go live as early as this year in some trial cities. It will, however, take a few years before the technology becomes mainstream and more widely available. Many smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, are expected to equip their upcoming devices with 5G support to future-proof their offerings and also to have the device ecosystem ready for 5G rollout.

Samsung has been playing an important role in the development and deployment of 5G networks around the world. Given Samsung’s aggressive push towards 5G, it’s not too far-fetched to expect its upcoming flagship smartphones to support 5G. Sadly, according to a report in The Bell, not all the Galaxy S10 models will be 5G capable and the company will instead launch a separate 5G variant based on the Galaxy S10+.

Not all Galaxy S10 models will support 5G?

The company has done something similar in the past by launching the Galaxy S4 LTE-A – a variant of the Galaxy S4 with LTE-A support. If the report is indeed true, it essentially means the regular Galaxy S10 and S10+ will lack 5G support. Samsung will reportedly make the 5G variant in limited quantities as the technology is still in its infancy. The report also says the Galaxy S10 5G model will launch later (reportedly around March) than other variants to coincide with the launch of 5G networks in Korea.

Furthermore, the report says the Galaxy S10 series will be revealed at the CES next year. If true, this puts the Galaxy S10 series launch two months earlier compared to the Galaxy S9 and merely six months after the Galaxy Note 9 release. Though The Bell is known for credible leaks and reports, none of this information is final or official. So, there is still a chance that all the Galaxy S10 models will come with 5G support.

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