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Samsung Odyssey+ mixed reality headset likely coming soon

Samsung is best known for its Gear VR virtual reality headsets but the company also made one for the Windows Mixed Reality platform. The Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset was launched in October last year. It featured dual 3.5-inch AMOLED panels with a combined resolution of 2880×1600, considerably higher than the 1440×1440 resolution found in other Windows Mixed Reality headsets at that time.

It appears that the company has been working on a successor to this headset. An FCC filing has revealed that there’s a new Samsung Odyssey+ headset in the pipeline which could be announced soon.

Samsung Odyssey+ mixed reality headset

The original Samsung Odyssey headset featured inside-out position tracking with a Six Degrees of Freedom sensor. The specs included an up to 110-degree field of view and refresh rate of up to 90Hz. The Odyssey also featured integrated AKG headphones and dual array mics with support for 360° Spatial Sound.

Samsung shipped the headset with motion controllers that provide complete freedom of movement. The controllers have thumbsticks and button control for navigation as well as haptic feedback. It was priced at $499.

An FCC filing for a “Samsung HMD Odyssey+” has now been spotted with model number XE800ZBA. The original headset has model number XE800ZAA. The documents do mention some specifications of the headset and not much has been changed, apparently. The resolution and field of view has not been changed, however, the display is now categorized as AMOLED+SFS.

It’s unclear what this “SFS” signifies but it could be related to the Anti SDE technology that Samsung has been developing. Some slight changes are possible in the design department as well to aid comfort as the documents mention a “wider eye box, wider part of nose, anti-fog.”

The headset is going to have support for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform like its predecessor. No word as yet on what it will arrive and how much it will cost. With October a couple of months away, it’s possible that Samsung might launch this new headset in the not so distant future.

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