August 2018 security patch contents detailed by Samsung

Samsung started rolling out the August 2018 security patch for the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S9 four days ago. The company hadn’t even officially detailed the contents of this patch. It was also the first time in months that the company’s flagship devices were receiving the patch before budget and mid-range devices.

The company has now detailed the August 2018 security patch. It brings patches for dozens of vulnerabilities that were found in the Android operating system in addition to patches for vulnerabilities in Samsung’s own software.

August 2018 security patch

All of the fixes included in the Android Security Bulletin – Aug 2018 package from Google are present in this security maintenance release. It patches four critical vulnerabilities in the Android operating system in addition to dozens of high and moderate-risk vulnerabilities.

Also included in this security maintenance release are patches for 11 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items. These are the vulnerabilities that were discovered in Samsung’s own software. All of them have been fixed with this latest security patch.

Samsung will now get down to the business of rolling out the August 2018 security patch to compatible devices. It already got the ball rolling for flagship devices last week. Even the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have started receiving it already.

It may not be long now before other compatible devices start receiving the latest security maintenance release. We’ll be sure to update you as and when that happens.


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amazing how they manage to ask 975€ for an S9+ ,but fail to update every month the phones with the security patches on time,im not even mad about the late updates to upgrade for a new Android version, but security updates should be easy, like many many brands use microsoft windows ,microsoft manage to update every single laptop with many different hardware,because of the layers… i know its different.but why samsung asks for so much money on the new phones and the support remains the same as always they don’t change but want to compete with Apple…


How many countries actually get the August patch in August?
I travel around the world, Asia and Europe in particular and everyone I know gets the July patch late in August. Seems some in the US have the same problem. Can you report what actually happens?


While in some regions, S9 doesn’t even have July security patch yet.


that include the bug where phone sends pics to contacts via the SMS?