Galaxy Note 9 shows up in a video published by retailer MobileFun

Well, well, what do we have here? A Galaxy Note 9 posing in front of the camera for its first live video appearance? That is indeed what we have today as the latest in the string of Galaxy Note 9 leaks, coming from retailer MobileFun. MobileFun has been obtained the video from a source in China, and the Note 9 seen in it is apparently being used to test screen protectors. Sadly, the phone isn’t shown with the display on, but it does look like it is the real deal.

Galaxy Note 9 shows up in first live video

The video doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t know about the Galaxy Note 9’s design already. The front is nigh impossible to differentiate from the Galaxy Note 8, but we do get a look at the slightly redesigned dual camera setup at the back along with the fingerprint sensor sitting below it. The Note 9 is also expected to be wider and thicker than the Galaxy Note 8 thanks to the larger battery inside. And there is also going to be a brown version, which we’re hoping will make a live appearance in the coming days so we can see what the new color looks like in the real world.

What do you think of the Galaxy Note 9 in the leaked video above?

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