Cheaper Samsung Wireless Charger Duo surfaces

It became evident earlier this week that Samsung will launch a new dual wireless charger with the Galaxy Note 9 when images of the accessory were leaked online. The charger’s box revealed that it will allow users to charge two devices simultaneously, be it two smartphones or one smartphone and the Galaxy Watch.

Some new renders have surfaced online which suggest that this won’t be the only dual wireless charger that Samsung launches with the Galaxy Note 9 next month. There may also be a cheaper Samsung Wireless Charger Duo bearing model number EP-N3100.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

The dual wireless charger that first appeared online has model number EP-N6100. The two slots can wirelessly charge a smartphone or Galaxy Watch (Samsung’s as-yet-unannounced smartwatch) at the same time. It’s expected to be priced at around $75.

Some renders of this second Wireless Charger Duo have now been posted online. The charger itself appears to be smaller and will be available in black and white. It’s said to be capable of charging two devices wirelessly at the same time as well.

There’s obviously no official pricing available for this accessory right now but it’s expected to cost around $50 at launch. Whether or not Samsung will be offering these dual wireless chargers as pre-order gifts with the Galaxy Note 9 remains to be seen. The company will likely offer free Smart TVs as pre-order gifts for the Galaxy Note 9 in some markets.

Samsung may make both wireless chargers official on August 9 when it finally unveils the Galaxy Note 9. It hasn’t confirmed when the new handset is going to be released but word on the street is that the Galaxy Note 9 will be released on August 24.

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