I would love to see a Burgundy Red Galaxy Note 9

Can we all just agree on the fact that the Burgundy Red variant of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 should have been there from day one? I know some of you are heading down to the comments section right now to tell me how marketing dictates that Samsung bring out these new colors at a later time to renew consumer interest in the device. But is it that hard to just make Burgundy Red a launch option and, um, bring out the gold and purple versions at a later time?

Burgundy Red is stunning and classy

Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

I was never a fan of phones that weren’t black. But Samsung’s Infinity display dictates that the front of the device always be all black, so I was suddenly free to choose from any of the other colors available with a new Samsung flagship. Of course, it helps that the company is using some tasteful and sober shades these days. And if you have seen a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 or S9 in person, you probably came away impressed with its beauty. But it wasn’t available at launch, and if Samsung hadn’t sent me a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8, I probably wouldn’t be craving for it to become a standard color option.

Samsung did send me one, though, so it is disappointing that Burgundy Red isn’t going to be available for the Galaxy Note 9. And I don’t think Samsung will bring it to the Note 9 even a few months later. Galaxy Note flagships aren’t supposed to be mainstream offerings in the same vein as the Galaxy S line. That means the company is far less likely to spend extra resources on bringing out new color options later on.

And with the tenth-anniversary Galaxy S flagship due to arrive next year, there are even fewer chances of Samsung making an exception by releasing new colors for the Galaxy Note 9. But one can hope, right? I already have one solid reason to get the upcoming Note on day one, and a Burgundy Red version would have made it a no-brainer.

What do you think?


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I’ve been calling for this red colour since the S6s were announced. still not come about; they are very stupid seeing how well Red phones sell just for being Red. it makes no sense that they not release a Red version internationally.


Will samsung release another white color on the S and Note series? White is my most favourite color but sadly the S6 and Note 5 are the last phones with white color.


It’s a very attractive colour.


Or bright red like oneplus 6