Samsung Pay users in Brazil will get a discount for buying airline tickets

Samsung has announced an exclusive partnership with MaxMilhas in Brazil. It’s a platform through which users can buy cheap airline tickets. The partnership will provide Samsung Pay users in the country with an added incentive to use the service. The MaxMilhas platform was launched in 2013 and it also connects people to those who want to sell air miles to people who want to buy cheaper flights.

The offer is valid for a limited time

Samsung Pay users in Brazil who use the mobile payments service to buy tickets through the platform between now and July 11, 2018 will receive a R$50,00 discount coupon which they will be able to use for their next travel booking on the MaxMilhas’ website.

Samsung regularly offers incentives to Samsung Pay users to ensure that they continue to use the service for making payments. This latest partnership is a part of that effort. The fact that users can use Samsung Pay to make payments almost anywhere they can already pay with a credit or debit card also helps retaining users who join to try out the mobile payments service.

“Our partnership with MaxMilhas demonstrates the real benefits and advantages for Samsung Pay users on a day-to-day basis, as well as the convenience of knowing that they can make payments in virtually every Brazilian business using only their smartphone or smartwatch,” said Paulo César do Nascimento, Senior Manager of Samsung Pay in Brazil.


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