Best deals to buy the Galaxy Note 8 online

So you want to buy Galaxy Note 8 but can’t find the right deals to save some of your hard-earned money? Look no further as this post contains some of the best deals for customers who are looking to pick up Samsung’s flagship phablet. Some of you may want to buy Galaxy Note 8 right now particularly if you’ve not been impressed by what you have heard about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 so far.

Buy Galaxy Note 8 in the US


Samsung will obviously be the first place that you would expect to buy Galaxy Note 8. It sells all of the carrier variants as well as the unlocked Galaxy Note 8 through its website which costs $950. Customers can opt for the Samsung Upgrade with Samsung Financing program in which they pay $39.58 per month for $24 months and get eligible to upgrade to a new Galaxy device every year after 12 months.

All customers get free shipping and returns when they order from its website as well as a free month of Samsung Premium Care. Samsung also offers a trade-in program through which customers can save up to $300 on the Galaxy Note 8 if they trade-in a qualifying device.

If you buy Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung, you will be given the option to add the Gear VR with Controller and Gear 360 to your cart for $79.99 and $99.99 respectively, a significant discount over their regular $129.99 and $229.99 prices.


If you’re looking to save a bit of money then consider Amazon where you can buy certified refurbished units of the unlocked Galaxy Note 8 for $650.

Amazon itself is selling the brand new US unlocked Galaxy Note 8 for $749.99 with full warranty. It’s pertinent to mention here that while some third-party sellers might have listed the device for less, they’re often selling the international variant which doesn’t have US warranty.

Best Buy

Best Buy has the lowest price for the unlocked Galaxy Note 8. Customers who chose to activate right away can purchase it for $699. It’s also offering a bunch of financing offers for those who have a My Best Buy Credit Card. Best Buy is also the only other location with the exception of Samsung’s website where the Galaxy Note 8 is available in the gorgeous Deepsea Blue color.


Verizon will likely be the first choice of many in the United States to buy Galaxy Note 8 from considering the fact that it’s the country’s largest mobile carrier. Verizon is selling the Galaxy Note 8 for $40 per month to qualified customers with $0 down. The price will be charged over 24 months which means that the handset will ultimately cost $960 which is exactly what Verizon is charging as the full retail price. A one-time activation fee of $30 will be charged as well.

Big Red is offering a special deal to customers who trade-in select smartphones when they buy Galaxy Note 8 with monthly device payments. Customers trading in an iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8+ can get 50% off and pay just $20 per month for their new Galaxy Note 8. Additional trade-in options include:

Get Galaxy Note 8 for $26 per month by trading in the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, LG V30 and Galaxy S8

Get Galaxy Note 8 for $30 per month by trading in the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Pixel XL, Pixel, LG V20, LG G6, moto z force, moto z play, moto z force, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy Note 8 is readily available for purchase from Verizon.


Prices for the Galaxy Note 8 start at $31.67 per month over 30 months at AT&T which comes to a total of $950 which is also the full retail price for the device at the second largest carrier in the United States.

The carrier isn’t offering any special deals on the Galaxy Note 8 right now but we will be sure to update this post as and when it does.


T-Mobile, the country’s third-largest carrier, is also best known for its wacky unboxings of Samsung handsets. It’s selling the device for $30 per month over 24 months for a total price of $720. You can also buy Galaxy Note 8 at full retail from T-Mobile for $720 as it’s offering a $230 discount currently.

Customers will be required to purchase a SIM card and service plan. It’s also offering free express two-day shipping with new activation for a limited time if you buy Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile right now.


Sprint customers can buy Galaxy Note 8 for $40 per month over 18 months for a total price of $720. The carrier is also selling it at full retail for $960. Sprint isn’t offering any additional deals for the device but the handset is eligible for its Galaxy Forever program.

The program allows customers to return their handset and upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy device any time after they have made 12 lease payments. However, with the Sprint and T-Mobile merger on the horizon, it remains to be seen how long this program will last.

Buy Galaxy Note 8 in the United Kingdom


Customers in the United Kingdom can purchase both the unlocked single and dual-SIM iterations of the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung’s own website for £669 as the company has discounted the handset by £200. Customers can also get up to £250 for trading in their existing device. No further deals are being offered at this point in time.


EE, one of the most widely used carriers in the country, is selling the Galaxy Note 8 for £68 over 24 months. The plan includes cellular and data service, however, the rates can go up if customers opt for plans with more data allowance.


Available in both Midnight Black and Maple Gold colors, the Galaxy Note 8 can be purchased from O2 for £29.99 upfront and £69 per month over 24 months. The cost includes an Airtime Plan which provides customers with adequate data and cellular allowance for their monthly billing cycle.


Customers in the United Kingdom can also buy Galaxy Note 8 from Vodafone with plans starting at £29 upfront and £78 monthly for 24 months. No additional deals are available at this point in time.


If you’re in the market for an unlocked, or “SIM free” as they call it in the UK, model of the Galaxy Note 8 with official warranty, do take a look at Argos as well. It’s selling the device for £679 which offers a discount of £120 on the regular retail price.

Buy Galaxy Note 8 in Canada


You can buy Galaxy Note 8 directly from Samsung online in Canada. The unlocked variant costs CAD 1,299 and customers can get up to CAD 150 if they trade-in an existing device.


Prices for the Galaxy Note 8 at Rogers start at CAD 299 upfront with a variety of plans available that bundle the device and service payment for 24 months starting from CAD 110. Rogers does have a couple of offers that customers can take advantage of. If they buy and activate the Galaxy Note 8 online they can either get a 15 percent off coupon for select accessories or chose to have the $30 per line Connection Fee waived.


Bell also has the Galaxy Note 8 available for purchase. Customers can either pay CAD 1,349 at full retail or pay CAD 299.99 upfront on a two-year term. The latter option requires a minimum service purchase totaling CAD 105 per month.


Customers can purchase the Galaxy Note 8 from Telus for CAD 300 upfront and they will also have to buy voice and data plans that cost over CAD 100 at the very least. Telus is also selling the device for CAD 1,300 at full retail.

Buy Galaxy Note 8 in India


Samsung’s premium smartphones tend to do very well in India so it wasn’t surprising to see that the Galaxy Note 8 was very well received in the market. Samsung is selling the Galaxy Note 8 online for Rs. 67,900 or $1077. Easy Monthly Installment plans start at $111 per month. Customers can also available cashback with Citibank Cards and Paytm Mall worth Rs. 8000 or $110.

Offline Retailers

While online retailers like Flipkart and Paytm Mall currently don’t have the handset in stock, customers in India can buy Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung’s extensive network of offline retailers across the country. Prices may vary slightly as retailers have some leeway with the margins.

These are some of the best deals to buy Galaxy Note 8 online in key markets. Users in other markets should check their local Samsung sites for instructions on where to purchase the Galaxy Note 8. Came across a better Galaxy Note 8 deal? Let us know in the comments below.

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Anyone wanting to actually buy a Note 8 in the next few months will wait until the Note 9 comes out. The Note 8 price will drop by at least 250 USD once that happens.