Six new Samsung smart appliances certified for AI excellence

Half a dozen new smart home appliances from Samsung have just been certified for AI excellence. Over in the company’s home country, the Korean Standards Association awarded the company with six AI+ certificates.

This specification is one of the strictest of its kind, as it’s based on established international standards defining product reliability, build quality, security features, and design accessibility. Meaning that if it’s good enough for South Korea, it’s good enough to be considered cutting-edge in any part of the world.

Why does this matter and what does it tell us about Samsung’s AI tech?

The milestone underlines many years of research and development Samsung invested in raising the bar for consumer AI. I.e., machine learning technologies, an area of growing importance for the chaebol that’s currently in the process of cultivating synergies across its many divisions.

Beyond helping its countless units operate as a more harmonious whole, putting out excellent smart home appliances should also keep bolstering Samsung’s bottom line. After all, the desire to get all of our devices connected and talking to one another has been the biggest consumer spending trend since smartphones entered the picture.

This latest batch of certified smart appliances included the JetBot 90 AI+ recently revealed at CES 2021, as well as the sixth-generation Family Hub Bespoke refrigerator and the latest addition to the Grande line of tireless washing machines and driers. Two AI+ certificates went to the so-called Wall-mount AC with Wind-Free tech, Samsung’s solution for energy-efficient air conditioning that doesn’t create drafts, breezes, or anything of the sort.

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