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Samsung Pay rewards program goes live in India

Samsung has launched the Samsung Pay Rewards program in one of the service’s biggest markets. A Samsung Pay update is rolling out in India with support for earning reward points on transactions via credit and debit cards, wallet services like Paytm, and the country’s UPI (Unified Payments Interface) service. The update also brings a refined interface for UPI payments, making it possible to make UPI transactions without running through as many steps as before, and adds support for the FreeCharge wallet.

More you use Samsung Pay, the better you’re rewarded

Samsung Pay Rewards offers three tiers for earning points based on the number of transactions users make each month: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Users get 10, 15, and 20 points for each transaction in those tiers respectively. Naturally, there’s a limit on the number of transactions that will fetch reward points – up to 15 transactions in a month, with UPI and wallet transactions limited to three per day. Each transaction through UPI and wallets has to be for at least Rs. 50, while credit and debit card transactions must be higher than Rs. 100. The points accumulated can then be used to purchase Samsung devices or vouchers from select merchants from within the app, and bonus points are credited on various actions, such as the first debit or credit card transaction and every third card transaction.

To download the Samsung Pay update and get started with the rewards program, open the Samsung Pay app on your phone and hit the Update button when you get the notification about the update’s availability. It’s a 100 MB+ download, so make sure you’re on a Wi-Fi connection or have enough bandwidth available on your mobile data plan.


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