Samsung Internet gets Web Monetization capabilities with new Coil add-on


Last updated: April 20th, 2021 at 19:43 UTC+02:00

Samsung Internet is seemingly getting better with each passing month. Back in March we discussed 7 reasons why Samsung Internet is the best mobile browser around, and now we can add yet another entry to that list. Coil — the company dedicated to building a better business model for the web — has just released the Coil add-on for the Samsung Internet browser, giving users an alternative way to supporting their favorite content creators.

Coil is based on an open technology called Web Monetization that allows subscribers to support content creators without having to rely on advertising, tracking, or other methods. Essentially, Coil users pay a fixed monthly fee while the aforementioned Web Monetization technology enables streaming micropayments to instantly flow to websites as users consume content. It’s a one-stop service for supporting your favorite websites and content creators, and it’s now integrated with Samsung Internet.

The Coil add-on is available for download from the Galaxy Store. The add-on is obtainable for free and the Coil membership costs $5 per month. With the membership enabled, the add-on will automatically detect web monetized sites and reward creators anonymously. According to Coil CEO and Founder Stefan Thomas, the launch of the add-on for Samsung Internet represents a win for consumers who want an easy way to pay for content and support creators without sacrificing their privacy or suffering through distracting ads and paywalls.

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