[Updated] Latest Galaxy S20 update breaks 4G connectivity on one Dutch network

When you release four software updates for a smartphone lineup in a matter of weeks, there’s a good chance testing may not have been as thorough as it should be, leaving the door open for issues to sneak in and wreak havoc on the customer’s user experience. And that’s exactly what seems to have happened for Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra owners on the KPN network in the Netherlands: The latest update has completely broken 4G connectivity on their phones.

According to reports from multiple users on different forums, the issue affects all KPN networks, including virtual providers such as SimYo, Budget Mobile, YouFone and Lebara, and both the LTE and 5G variants of the three Galaxy S20 models (the S20 FE is unaffected). The phones fail to latch on to a 4G signal, and there’s currently no known solution except for rolling back to the previous firmware (which you can download from our firmware archive), though we suggest waiting for an official fix from Samsung.

And considering KPN is the leading wireless provider in the Netherlands, it’s likely that Samsung (and KPN) is actively working on a fix and will roll it out through a software update in the near future. We’ll let you know when the new update is released; for now, if you haven’t already installed the problematic update, you might want to keep it that way unless you’re okay with using 3G data speeds for a while.

Update: Samsung has reached out to us to confirm that the 4G connectivity issue has been solved. A software update isn’t needed for the fix as the issue was a result of an incorrect setting on KPN’s network, and all devices should now be able to get a 4G signal.

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