Bye bye exclusivity? Good Lock app now available in more markets

Samsung’s high-octane Good Lock customization app is finally reaching more markets. The company hasn’t made any official announcement on the matter just yet but we were able to confirm with help from our colleagues at GalaxyClub that Good Lock is now available for download from the Galaxy Store in a handful of European countries. As of this writing, we are able to confirm that the app is available in Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Other European countries might be included.

Good Lock was released all the way back in 2016 as a somewhat experimental UI customization app, or rather a platform that allows for experimental ideas to take place in the form of simple addons, i.e., Good Lock ‘modules.’ But even four years after its debut, ask around and you’ll find countless Galaxy smartphone owners who have never used it, not by choice but by chance.

This is because Good Lock was released in limited key regions and it continues to elude a lot of markets. We’ve asked Samsung to bring Good Lock to more customers worldwide on several occasions before, especially since the customization options it brings are completely optional, and it looks like the company is finally ready to make the move and introduce Good Lock to more regions.

Get ready to make One UI your own

Good Lock can be downloaded on your smartphone from the Galaxy Store but keep in mind that the app isn’t very useful on its own. Instead, it allows you to install additional apps or Good Lock ‘modules’ with which you can personalize your smartphone to greater extents. Here are a few examples of Good Lock modules that you may be able to find and install in Europe through the Galaxy Store as well as through our APK archive:

  • Wonderland: A module that lets you create custom live wallpapers.
  • Pentastic: A redesigned Air Command menu for the S Pen.
  • One Hand Operation+: An alternative to One-handed mode.
  • NavStar: An app that lets you create and customize your navigation bar.
  • Edge Lighting+: An app that brings you additional options for the edge lighting effect.

It doesn’t look as if Good Lock is available across the entire European continent and only time will tell when the app will reach more markets. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Samsung may have accidentally released Good Lock in Europe, making this a less-permanent change. But such accidental leaks don’t take place often and they usually happen through a single Samsung portal, not many.

If we were to guess, Samsung is preparing to release Good Lock in more markets and a few select European countries have been chosen for a pilot run across The Old Continent. We may hear more news on the matter soon so stay tuned. Until then, make sure to check the Galaxy Store in your country and see if Good Lock is now available in your region.

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