AMD might not outsource its GPU/APU production to Samsung after all

A rumor emerged earlier this week to support the possibility that AMD will move the production of its 3nm and 5nm-based GPU and APU solutions from TSMC over to Samsung, but according to a fresh report, this might not come to pass after all.

AMD is indeed struggling with supply, reason why some industry observers were speculating that the company will turn to Samsung for help, but market watchers cited by IT Home now claim that the reason for this shortage doesn’t lie with TSMC’s inability to keep up with demand, but rather with an insufficient supply of ABF substrates.

This is an industry-wide issue that has reportedly affected the manufacturing output of other products from different suppliers and brands, including NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series GPUs and the Sony PS5 console.

AMD’s shortages aren’t caused by TSMC’s production capacity

Therefore, there’s no real reason for AMD to be looking for a different manufacturer, especially now that the partnership between AMD and TSMC is stronger than ever following Apple’s move to 5nm, which opened up the 7nm line for AMD.

As for Samsung, even though the company might not be responsible for manufacturing AMD’s GPU and APU solutions, the two companies are already working together to bring AMD GPUs to the next generation of Exynos chipsets in 2022. Perhaps the supply and production chain will see some changes by then, but for now, AMD will reportedly stick with TSMC.

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