Samsung reportedly has a Galaxy S10 model with five cameras

Much has already been said about the Galaxy S10 even though the handset isn’t due until early next year. We will continue to hear more about the device until it’s officially launched. A new report about the Galaxy S10 camera suggests that at least one model of the device is going to feature five cameras.

If the report is accurate, it would be the company’s first device with a total of five cameras. It suggests that the high-end Galaxy S10 model will feature a triple-camera system at the back and a dual-camera system at the front.

Galaxy S10 model with five cameras

As it stands, Samsung is believed to launch three Galaxy S10 models next year. Two would be the successors to the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ while one would be a cheaper option with slightly lower specs.

A new report out of South Korea claims that the top spec model of the Galaxy S10 will feature five cameras – three on the back and two on the front. The report doesn’t mention any camera specs so it’s unclear just how good this entire setup will be.

The Galaxy S10 is likely going to be Samsung’s first device with a triple-camera system. Both Galaxy S10 models will feature this at the back but the other would only have a single front camera. The affordable model will have a single front and dual rear camera.

Given that the Galaxy S10 is currently in development and we still have a ways to go before Samsung starts mass producing the device, it’s quite possible that the camera specs could change. The rumors and reports would start suggesting that if it were to happen at any point in the next few months.

The number of cameras on a device is never a measure of its imaging prowess so it can’t be said that just because the Galaxy S10 will have five cameras it would be far ahead of the competition. That conclusion can only be reached once the device is out and in our hands so that we can test out the company’s claims for ourselves. That’s not going to happen before next year.

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