Samsung was the third largest R&D spender in 2017, says Ernst & Young

A report of the top 500 R&D spenders in 2017 by Ernst & Young has placed Samsung Electronics third on the list. The Korean company invested 13.1 billion euros into R&D, which was below Amazon’s 20.1 billion euros and Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) 14.8 billion euros – the top two firms in the rankings, respectively. Chipmaker Intel came in fourth with 11.6 billion euros in R&D investments.

If you are looking at Samsung’s figure and wondering about the absence of any path-breaking innovation in its Galaxy lineup, do realize it is the total R&D spend in 2017 by Samsung Electronics as a whole and not just the mobile division. Even if a sizeable part of that money went into mobile devices, it is not necessary the results are immediately visible or at all due to the nature of R&D.

No break up of Samsung’s R&D spending

None of the coverage online offers any breakup of the Samsung’s R&D spending, but if we go by the past trends and Samsung’s revenue breakup, it is safe to guess the company’s semiconductor division might have invested the most into R&D.

The total R&D spending by the top 500 firms went up by 6% to 532 billion euros in 2017. 65% of these businesses increased their R&D spending in 2017 compared to the previous year. American firms dominated the list with 127 out of the top 500 and 7 of the top ten firms belonging to the US.


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Martin DAYI
Martin DAYI

Nice to see. I think Samsung should definitely push more money for RD in software especially for smartphones. There are a lot of phones Samsung makes and there are big instability and battery drain problems on many devices.. But the figures are very nice to see. I always support firms which push money to RD.


Ok, do the math. “American firms dominated the top 500 with 127 firms.” So, 373 firms in top 500 were not American. So your sentence should go like this. “Non American firms dominated the top 500 with 373 firms.” Logic seems to be in short supply at Sammobile. 🤣


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