Samsung built a ‘5G City’ to show what a 5G future looks like

Samsung has been aggressively working with many industry partners to bring 5G to the market. The company wants to be a dominant 5G player and has set ambitious goals for itself. It has already conducted several 5G demonstrations with its end-to-end solutions in partnership with numerous carriers around the world.

To showcase the potential of what 5G can offer, Samsung has built a ‘5G City’ within Samsung’s ‘Digital City’ in Suwon, Korea. The demo city consists of a 5G Stadium, a 5G Connectivity Node, and a 5G Kiosk. The company published a video of the 5G City today to give a sneak peek into what a city equipped with a 5G communication network looks like.

Smart and connected cities

The 5G Stadium is intended to demonstrate the 5G internet experience in future stadiums, concerts, conferences, and any other large gatherings. With 5G networks, large crowds can stream high-definition videos simultaneously by using the MIMO (multiple input multiple output) technology.

The 5G Connectivity Node focuses on the smart city aspects in a 5G era. It envisions a future where CCTVs, digital signages, and various sensors are connected through 5G and other technologies to enable better traffic control, improved safety, etc. This component of the 5G City is all about the efficient management of future cities by harnessing the power of 5G connectivity.

The third part, the 5G Kiosk, demos 5G hotspots of the future that will offer blazing download speeds. With speeds anywhere from 1-3 Gbps, the kiosks will assist in, among other things, map and software updates for autonomous vehicles of the future. These hotspot zones can also help in large video downloads while on the move.

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