Deezer’s lossless audio comes to Samsung soundbars and wireless speakers

In a press release, Samsung has announced that Deezer’s HiFi music streaming is now available on select Samsung soundbars and wireless speakers. The addition of Deezer brings superior sound quality and personalized recommendations to Samsung users.

For those who are unaware of Deezer, it’s a music streaming service that emphasizes sound quality over everything else. It is aimed at audiophiles who prefer to listen to music in its original quality. Unlike most other streaming services which compresses music, Deezer HiFi prioritizes quality and offers lossless audio by streaming at 16-Bit/ 44.1 kHz. The service also offers smart recommendations based on usage.

Available in more than 180 countries

Deezer provides ad-free and unlimited access to 36 million HiFi tracks on a wide variety of devices. The paid service is available in more than 180 countries. Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t mention anything about the list of supported soundbars and wireless speakers.

“At Samsung, we prioritize innovation and sound quality when introducing audio products to our consumers. We are driven by our commitment to providing a listening experience that’s unrivaled by our competitors, and our partnership with Deezer speaks directly to our mission to produce the best sound quality in the market, ” said Taeho Park, VP of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics.


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