Samsung rated as the seventh most valuable brand by Forbes

Samsung Electronics has secured the seventh rank in the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands 2018’ list released by Forbes magazine. It’s three spots higher than what Samsung scored last year. Samsung’s arch-rival, Apple, topped the list once again.

According to the Forbes’ study, Samsung registered a brand value of $47.6 billion, up 25 percent from last year’s $38.2 billion. This pushed Samsung from the 10th rank last year to the 7th spot this year. For comparison, Apple’s brand value is estimated at $182.8 billion, clocking a 7.5 percent increase from last year.

US firms occupy all five top spots

Search giant Google is ranked second in the list with a brand value of $132.1 billion. Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon occupied the next three spots in the top  five with $104.9 billion, $94.8 billion, and $70.9 billion in brand-value respectively. One spot ahead of Samsung is Coca-Cola with an estimated brand value of $57.3 billion.

All the top five on the list are US firms in the Technology industry. Google is one of the biggest gainers (30%) along with Netflix (35%), PayPal (33%), Amazon (31%), and Facebook (29%). While these rankings don’t mean much for the future of any of these companies, they are a good data point to gauge the popularity of these firms among the public. It is clear from the rankings that even though Samsung is making gains, it is still far away from the toppers on the list.

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Someone needs to redefine what value means – because if Apple disappeared, it would make no difference to me. my work and personal tech life is Google and Microsoft – same with billions of others. Now if Google were to disappear, that would literally effect billions of people who rely on Google and Android etc.

What Forbes appears to be showing is the richest or cost effective companies in the world.