[Poll] Which Galaxy S flagship do you think was the ugliest?

Maybe the ugly word is too hard, but let’s face it, Samsung was never too interested in beautiful smartphone designs until the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge (or the Galaxy Alpha, if you want to keep that ignored phone in memory). Samsung’s smartphone designs were definitely the most functional in terms of ergonomics and handling, but they looked positively boring and lazy alongside the iPhones and the HTCs a couple of years ago.

The Galaxy S5, with the dotted texture on its back, is what many remember as the reason for Samsung finally moving on to the metal and glass design that debuted on the Galaxy S6 (anyone remember the blue S5?). But it was perhaps the “designed for humans” design of the Galaxy S III that got things going downhill. The S III was a result of Samsung trying to move away from an iPhone-like design; Samsung probably didn’t care about anything but getting Apple off its back, which was probably the reason why the S III was so visually unappealing.

The S III’s design wasn’t phased out; it was refined continuously until we got the Galaxy S7 last year. But what kept everyone so interested was the new dual-edge screen that was introduced with the Galaxy S6 edge, and now, with the Galaxy S8, Samsung is once again pushing the boundaries of smartphone design. In fact, the new S8 and S8+ are so beautiful that it got us wondering what device our readers think was the ugliest of all Galaxy S flagships.

Was it the human-friendly Galaxy S III, or the Galaxy S5 with its ergonomic yet hard-on-the-eye perforated back? Or maybe you think the S III and S5 were beautiful and it was Samsung’s iPhone-y design of the original Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II that was the worst of the lot? Well, let us know your opinion by leaving a comment, and by voting in the poll below.

Which Galaxy S flagship do you think was the ugliest?

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6 days 21 hours ago

in my opinion the s3 had a beautiful design

7 days 3 hours ago

Galaxy S5 was actually a good looking phone. In terms of design it is better than iPhone 6/6 Plus and it was the most durable Galaxy S phone.

8 days 1 hour ago

As a user of Galaxy Note > Galaxy SIII > S4 > S5 > S6edge > S7 edge, I have to admit that in terms of design, the S5 and S(1) were not good designs.

But I will never stop saying, I f*cking miss that plastic phone. The S5 is the most resistant Galaxy phone ever. My S7 suffered a little fall and goodbye “premium” material, same as my S6. On the other hand, except for the plastic bezels that lost the “metallic” paint, the S5 passed a great number of accidents and was perfect ’till I changed it.

Horus Osiris
8 days 8 hours ago

S5 was the worst, plastic garbage

8 days 17 hours ago

I have an S5,maybe because it’s been in a case since it was bought and I don’t think that is the ugliest, still a awesome phone

8 days 19 hours ago

S5 my life companion haha!

9 days 1 hour ago

The back cover of S5 looks like unfinished concrete wall… Some people said it reminds of band-aid. Still, it can be addressed using S-View cover or 3rd party battery cover

9 days 2 hours ago

The ugliest for me is the S III. While the S5 may look not so pleasing to some, I don’t care about the rear side, because that’s what I see very seldom. I love my S5 for functionality, for USB3, for the manageable size. I got another back cover (inductive charge) from Samsung, and I will keep it for years to come.

9 days 4 hours ago

I thought the S5 was beautiful, but the slightly bigger body size and horrendous back cover does not make my eyes glare at it as much as the S6.
The only S series phones my family ever had was the first gen Galaxy S, we skipped 4 generations till the S6, then S7

Petsiotis Dimitris
9 days 4 hours ago

I choose S4 for the most beautiful and S5 for the ugliest.

9 days 5 hours ago

s5 was for Frankenstein

9 days 5 hours ago

S: never owned
S2: loved it. Had the official bigger battery that really helped it. No more weird bulges at the bottom and camera. It seemed the smaller, regular version was introduced for marketing reasons. The original was very sturdy and it wouldn’t slip.
SIII: My wife had it. I strongly disliked the slippery back.
S4: Owned it myself at release. When the Note 3 came out, I immediatly got it. No more slippery phones!
S5: bandaid. Very practical, but so ugly
S6-8: same all fragile design. Stil camera bulges, small batteries, etc are the norm. Now the edges are here to stay, I’m about to leave Samsung for this reason.

Most of the time, the phones looked fine, with a gap from S3-S5. But I strongly dislike the current slippery glass trend. Had the slippery S4 and vowed not to get such a phone again.

9 days 7 hours ago

Galaxy S5 and Galaxy SIII are by far the ugliest on the S series.

9 days 8 hours ago

Galaxy S5 was a bad design

9 days 10 hours ago

A mon avis le Galaxy S5 était le plus laid

9 days 10 hours ago

S5 the ugliest and yet the most popular in the USA. The paradigm!!! )))))))))

9 days 10 hours ago

s5 so ugly ugly

9 days 10 hours ago

S8 deserves no vote in this poll. It is very difficult to voted this beauty as the ugliest phone. If so, I also vote the Charlize Theron as the most ugly woman. LoL

9 days 10 hours ago

”S5 hard-on-the-eye perforated back”, really hard on the eye!!, oh the Cover on the S5 where you can remove/renew the battery fast. The S5 with more actual physical user features than any other phone since. The S5 still the most popular phone ever..
And now you can r**t it and run Nougat perfectly with split screen and all, without all the standard bloatware it is way faster too, and with April security patch too…but yeah it’s an ugly duck.

9 days 10 hours ago

There should be a second poll about, which is (has been) the most practical?

9 days 10 hours ago

One would think pictures are included in a poll like this. Especially when the poll itself covers so many years. Oh well…

9 days 11 hours ago

Galaxy S2 USA version was very ugly