New commercial shows how effortlessly Samsung Pay works even at non-fancy stores

If you’ve started to pay using Samsung Pay on your Galaxy smartphone, you might have come across a situation where store executives try to explain you that mobile payments won’t work with their old point-of-sale equipments only to find out that the payment has been completed successfully. Well, such encounters have inspired Samsung in making this new video commercial for Samsung Pay.

The video shows how non-fancy store executives get surprised when the transaction goes through even though their point-of-sale equipments are not ‘fancy’ like some other NFC-equipped ones that are required for Apple Pay or Android Pay. That’s because Samsung Pay uses a unique technology called MST that mimics debit and credit card swipes, so you can pay at any store that accepts card.

Go ahead and watch this video and let us know you’ve managed to surprise store executives or people around you when you made a payment through your Samsung Pay-compatible Galaxy device.


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