Gear Live


Android Wear 4.4.W.1 update rolling out to the Samsung Gear Live

The Gear Live is reportedly getting the Android Wear 4.4.W.1 software update from Google. This update is expected to bring improvements in navigation experience and some voice action related experience. Google might soon roll out this upd…


New ad highlights Samsung Experience Shops

In this age of online shopping, fewer and fewer people actually leave their house in order to buy things. Unsurprisingly, there is a large contingent of U.S. shoppers that are unaware that Samsung actually has a physical store presence, cal…


Samsung Gear Live now available for ordering Best Buy stores in the US

When Samsung launched its first Android Wear smartwatch, it was announced that the watch would be headed to retail stores sometime after it went live on the Google Play Store. That day has finally arrived, as the Gear Live is now available…


Samsung Gear Live gets torn down by iFixit, has a Wi-Fi chip inside for some reason

That's right, folks, Samsung's first Android Wear smartwatch has gone under the knife once again, with the experts over at iFixit the ones to pull it apart this time around. The Gear Live scored a favorable 8 out of 10 points when it comes…


Samsung Gear Live charging mechanism reportedly getting damaged easily

At Google I/O, Samsung's first Android Wear smartwatch, the Gear Live, was announced, and was also given away to attendees (a choice was offered between the Gear Live and LG's G Watch). However, it looks like some of those who received the…


Samsung Gear Live teardown reveals Snapdragon 400 processor, compact internals

Device teardowns are as common as new smartphone releases from Samsung, with every important new device undergoing the screw driver treatment soon after launch. The Gear Live, Samsung's Android Wear smartwatch debut (and also one of the on…


Samsung’s Gear Live smartwatch now available in Australia, Japan and South Korea

Samsung might not be too keen on smartwatches running Google's Android Wear platform, but that doesn't mean its first Android Wear smartwatch, the Gear Live, isn't going to be available for sale worldwide. Today, the Gear Live's availabilit…


Expect Samsung to eventually deviate from the Android Wear status quo

Samsung's first Android Wear smartwatch - the Gear Live - makes its debut as one of the first three watches to run Google's wearable optimized mobile OS. Known as a company that doesn't always adhere to the parameters set by Google, a Samsu…




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