Samsung Gear Live now available for ordering Best Buy stores in the US

When Samsung launched its first Android Wear smartwatch, it was announced that the watch would be headed to retail stores sometime after it went live on the Google Play Store. That day has finally arrived, as the Gear Live is now available for purchase from Best Buy stores in the US, in addition to Amazon and Google Play. The Gear Live is only listed for pre-order at the moment, but that should change to general availability sooner or later, hopefully with stock that doesn’t contain the recently reported issue of the watch’s charging mechanism getting damaged too easily.

The Gear Live is priced at $199, and offers all the features of Android Wear, including Google Now information and voice control, notifications, controlling music on a connected smartphone, measuring heart rate and other fitness parameters, and more. It also features a heart rate scanner, and is IP67-certified for water and dust resistance, features which can also be found on Samsung’s in-house Gear smartwatches that are powered by Tizen.


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