Samsung’s new Massive MIMO 5G SoC promisses better coverage

Samsung’s Massive MIMO stations along with other advance radios will soon take advantage of a new chipset designed to enhance 5G network performance. The SoC was jointly developed by Samsung and Marvell, and it’s intended to become available to Tier One operators in the second quarter of the year.

Samsung says that the new chipset was designed to help implement new technologies. Once implemented, operators will see improvements in cellular radio capacity and coverage, as well as a decrease in power consumption. The chipset itself is up to 70% more power-efficient than its predecessors, and it supports 4G and 5G simultaneously.

We are again honored to work with Samsung for the next generation Massive MIMO radios which significantly raise the bar in terms of capacity, performance and power efficiency, said Raj Singh, Executive VP of Marvell’s Processors Business Group.

Samsung and Marvell have partnered before, and last year the two companies have agreed on a long-term 5G collaboration to bring cost-effective 5G solutions to network operators who may struggle to increase their 5G footprint.

As for their latest chipset, it was developed precisely with the purpose of offering operators a competitive edge, said Samsung Executive VP Junehee Lee. An exact launch date wasn’t given but the chipset will be released shortly in Q2.

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