Galaxy S6


Samsung expected to use its next-generation flagship smartphones with super-fast UFS flash memory

Korean website ETNews is reporting that Samsung is gearing up to produce super-fast UFS 2.0 NAND Flash memory in order to equip its next-generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, with faster data storage solution. As opposed to the c…


Exclusive: More details about the Samsung Galaxy S6, aka Project Zero

Samsung's revenue and profits have been steadily declining in recent months, and it has given the company inspiration to reshuffle its priorities and put a higher focus on adopting new trends (like the trend of using metal on a device to…

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Exclusive: Samsung’s Next Big Thing is codenamed Project Zero

Samsung has released all of its flagship devices for the year 2014, and now people are directing their attention towards the company’s Next Big Thing, the Galaxy S6. Yes, it’s that time of the year, when we start talking about the next-…


Report: Samsung building new factory to produce flexible displays for Galaxy S6 and Note 5

Samsung is reportedly resuming work on one of its factories that is dedicated to manufacturing flexible displays, after pressure from Samsung's business partners and because of growing interest in flexible screens. According to a report pub…



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