Gear VR


Verizon and Sprint’s Galaxy Note 4 get update with Gear VR compatibility

It was reported yesterday that Verizon and Sprint consumers were left without a way to use their Gear VR headsets with their Galaxy Note 4, as the latter didn't have the necessary software update that adds compatibility for the virtual rea…


Gear VR won’t work with carrier variants of Galaxy Note 4 without a software update

Carriers are already quite infamous for delaying software updates and holding back better user experiences from users as a result, and this time, these delays might have proved a bit costly for some folks. The Gear VR went up for sale in th…


Gear VR sees US launch, $199 price

Even though the date was far from confirmed in the time leading up to its launch, the Gear VR Innovator Edition has gone on sale today in the US. With a general release window revealed during the Samsung Developer Conference a few weeks ago…


Oculus VR CEO: We’ll work closely with Samsung to develop more products

During the third annual Startup Nations Summit, which was held in Seoul, South Korea, Oculus VR co-founder and CEO, Brendan Iribe stated that they will be working with Samsung to release more VR products like the Gear VR. "We'll work clo…


Audi to use Samsung’s Gear VR headet to let customers experience its new TT S Coupé

Virtual reality is one of the latest trends that Samsung is hoping will help it stay ahead of the curve, and the company's Gear VR headset has just found an extremely nice new use case. Audi and Samsung will be teaming up to offer customer…


Gear VR overheating reports rubbished

Given that users will have to wear a virtual reality headset on their face comfort is always a big point of focus for manufacturers. Reports started circulating yesterday that developers had noticed overheating problems with the Gear VR hea…


Project Beyond 3D camera captures 360-degree footage for Gear VR

The Samsung Developer Conference is taking place today in San Francisco where quite obviously the announcements being made are geared towards developers. During the keynote address the company unveiled Project Beyond. Its a new and rather u…


Samsung announces Gear VR ‘Innovator Edition’, coming to the US in early December

During the ongoing Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Samsung has announced the Gear VR 'Innovator Edition', which will be available in the US starting early December. Samsung hasn't announced the pricing yet, but from the look…




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