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Samsung’s new ad shows Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard preparing for the holidays with all their Samsung devices

We are all gearing up for the holidays, and so are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Samsung has released a new video advertisement which shows them preparing for the holidays with the help of all those Samsung devices in their home. The video…


Samsung’s Gear smartwatches now have more than 1,000 apps in the app store

Samsung has been at the forefront of the smartwatch race, having launched three smartwatches in a span of a year. Getting developers to make apps for its smartwatches has been a huge focus for the company, and that focus seems to be slowlyÂ…


PayPal app released for Samsung Gear 2

PayPal has finally released their official app for the Gear 2 (and the Gear 2 Neo.) The app was originally announced during the launch of the Gear 2 at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It can be used to manage PayPal payments and re…


Samsung launches 21-day trial program for select devices in the US

If you ever wanted the option to rent a smartphone directly from the manufacturer for trying it for a few days before deciding whether you buy it or not, then Samsung is fulfilling your wishes with its new consumer trial program. Interested…


Fleksy Keyboard makes responding to a message on your Gear 2 more intuitive

For all of the functionality and efficiency that today's smartwatches promise, there is the innate problem of composing any body of text on a screen that is smaller than 2 inches in diameter. Samsung has actually provided a fairly effective…


Samsung Gear 2 (SM-R380) gets updated with Blocking Mode, improved S Health

Fresh off the major update that switched the original Galaxy Gear's OS from Android to Tizen, Samsung has begun rolling out an update to the Gear 2. Sized at around 20 MB, the update bumps the software version up from to, a…


Samsung SM-R382 smartwatch passes FCC, is shorter than Gear 2

Last month, a leak revealed the existence of an unknown new Gear wearable with model number SM-R382. No information on the wearable has shown up yet, but the SM-R382 has been certified by the FCC recently, which suggests it is close to beco…


Report: Gear 3 to debut alongside Galaxy Note 4 in September

If you thought the short six-month span between the original Galaxy Gear and the Gear 2's release was just a one-time thing, then Samsung might be working on disappointing you yet again. According to industry sources quoted by The Korea Her…




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