Turn-by-turn navigation comes to Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo

Your Gear 2 just got a lot more useful, especially if you use navigation frequently in your day-to-day life. Symphony Teleca has released its TurnByTurn navigation app for Samsung’s second-generation smartwatch, an app that was made available for the original Galaxy Gear earlier this year and was promised for the Gear 2. Using Nokia’s HERE Maps as a backend, TurnByTurn allows full navigation features and will let you put your phone back in your pocket and follow the directions on your wrist, making things more convenient while getting you to your destination.

To use TurnByTurn, you will have to install the app on both your paired phone and smartwatch. Then, you just need to launch the app on your phone, punch in the address you want to navigate to – once you’ve done that, the calculated route will be sent to your Gear 2 and you’ll get all the alerts right on the watch. TurnByTurn can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store, though it might not be available in all countries at the moment.



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