Galaxy Note 4


[Video] You can use a knife to operate your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Screen sensitivity is an important aspect of smartphone displays these days, mainly for those who live in cold regions where removing their gloves to use their phone isn't always an option. Samsung has offered an option to increase the sens…


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 selling better than the Note 3 in the US and Western Europe

Samsung's profits and revenues might have taken a major hit in recent months, but when it comes to the sales of its latest flagship, it seems the company might not have much to worry about. During Samsung's earning conference in South Korea…


See this gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 24K gold

The Galaxy Note 4 is already available in majority of markets around the world, but those who like their phones with some extra bling might soon be able to buy the latest flagship from Samsung with a 24K gold body. A Vietnamese YouTube ch…


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition now available from Verizon

The developer edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available from Verizon, a week after it was listed on Samsung's website. As with all developer edition devices, the Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition can only be purchased outright,…


Two new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 TV commercials focus on the S Pen and the camera related features

Samsung has been busy in promoting its current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4, through multiple video commercials. Now, Samsung has released two new videos where it promotes the Galaxy Note 4's S Pen and camera related features. Th…


Report: Samsung sells 4.5 million units of Galaxy Note 4 within one month of its launch

Samsung has managed to sell over 4.5 million units of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4, within the first month of its launch. In comparison, this number is 500K units short of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, though we have to…


Samsung explains factors that affected Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge design

With the major change in Samsung's design decision for its smartphones, we've been very interested to learn about finally made the Korean manufacturer come to its senses and start putting more focus on the look and feel of its devices. Did…


Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition (Verizon) listed on Samsung’s official website

Samsung has listed the developer edition of the Galaxy Note 4 on their official website. Priced at $662.53, the Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition will be in Charcoal colour and will be compatible on Verizon networks. It will not be offered on…




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