Galaxy Tab S


New Galaxy Tab S commercials tout the multitude of benefits that come with a Super AMOLED Display

The Galaxy Tab S is here and has quickly garnered traction as the first true iPad competitor - primarily for its premium build and jaw-dropping display. And even though Samsung isn't one to shy away from going at Apple explicitly in its adv…


Samsung Galaxy Tab S overheating causing deformation of back cover [Update: Official statement]

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S tablets might offer the most stunning visual experience thanks to their Super AMOLED displays, but it looks like the under the hood wizardry that powers the display might be causing a few issues. According to Hi-Tech…


Samsung Galaxy Tab S goes on sale in Europe this Friday

After an endless stream of rumors and leaks Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab S at its Galaxy Premiere event last month. The company goes back to AMOLED displays for tablets with the Galaxy Tab S after first using it in the Galaxy Tab 7.7 bac…


Samsung Galaxy Tab S TV commercial highlights the importance of its Super AMOLED screen

The Galaxy Tab S is the first tablet to utilise a high resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels) Super AMOLED screen and Samsung's new TV commercial is quick to highlight its importance. The video commercial directed by Jake Scott compares the screen…


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S Experience lets you try out Galaxy Tab S features on any device

Can't decide if the Galaxy Tab S should be your next tablet or not? Well, Samsung might be able to help you out with the new Galaxy Tab S Experience app, which gives you a demo of a few features of the Super AMOLED-toting tablets. You can c…


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 launched in India with mobile data support

Samsung has officially announced its new Super AMOLED tablets, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5, for the Indian market. The launch in India marks the debut of the data-enabled variants of the Galaxy Tab S slates, and both tablets…


Galaxy Tab S display found to be “best performing tablet display” by DisplayMate

Since the launch of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 back in 2011, we had been waiting for Samsung to put their Super AMOLED displays on more tablets, and the company finally answered with the Galaxy Tab S. The only reason we could think of for Samsung's…


Samsung Galaxy Tab S goes up for pre-order in South Korea

The Galaxy Tab S, Samsung's new premium line of tablets with impressive Super AMOLED displays, is now available for pre-ordering in South Korea, two weeks after its pre-order debut in the US. Samsung hasn't revealed what pricing the two tab…




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