Samsung may distribute the Marshmallow update for the first-generation Galaxy Tab S despite its previous claims

You may recall that on Saturday Samsung’s subsidiary in the Netherlands revealed that the firm wouldn’t be distributing the long-awaited Marshmallow update to the 8.4- or 10.5-inch first-generation Galaxy Tab S in Europe. However, in response to one of our reader’s comments over on Twitter, Samsung Greece has today revealed that the firm does, in fact, have plans to distribute the upgrade in the region, which consists of fifty-one independent states.

As you’d expect, we’re a little torn between who to believe here. It’s perfectly feasible that neither of the customer service representatives who helm the social media accounts have inside information that pertains to the update, so we decided to do a little digging, and that’s when one of our anonymous sources informed us that Samsung is currently developing a firmware for the slate that’s dated August and contains the new PDA letter code, which suggests that it may contain the files for the Marshmallow OS.

Rather than merely confirming that this means that Android 6.0.1 will be making its way to the Galaxy Tab S and putting an end to all of the speculation, we’ve decided to reach out to some of our other inside sources to seek confirmation and a little more information on the matter. We’ll be sure to update this story with the relevant details as soon as they respond to us, so be sure to check back shortly.

Thanks, Panos!

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